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COTES' Experts Assessed Innovations in the Power Industry


 COTES took part in the annual Innovative and Investment Forum held in Technopark on 10-11 November. Feliks Serant, Deputy General Director, Technical Director of ZiO-COTES, has moderated session "New Fuel Types", and Aleksey Tsepenok, General Director of ZiO-COTES, has participated in this session as one of the experts. Georgy Kartvelishvili, Head of Business Development and Sales Department, has not only moderated session "Environmental Challenges in the Power Sector", but also opened it with his own presentation. 


This year the forum managed by the Novosibirsk City Mayor's Office was fully focused on the power industry. The head of the Industry, Innovations and Business Department of the Novosibirsk City Mayor's Office Alexander Lyulko said: "In many respects the fourth technological revolution takes place particularly in this field. And we have all the chances to succeed in it. We have decided to gather all technologies here to consider those we can apply for municipal facilities."


The forum presented technologies related to ash utilization for road paving, utility heat losses reduction to zero, no-dig pipe replacement, one-button disconnection of debtors, etc.


At the end of the session, Mr. Serant said: "We can even recommend several innovations presented here for practical application, and the types of these applications may vary considerably, including know-how in alternative energy. A number of innovative technologies can be used right now. For example, SibEKO could possibly use one of their boilers to try out the technology for fuel reactivity improvement through mechanical-and-chemical treatment. This method was presented by the Institute of Thermal Physics." 


Application of the best available technologies (BAT) becomes really challenging. Thus, this year has seen the application of control over the charges paid for adverse environmental impact. It means that today environmental friendliness of the company is directly related to its profits, because if your production pollutes the environment, you will pay more. In view of this, the presentation made by Georgy Kartvelishvili, Head of Business Development and Sales Department, on "Introduction of Automated Measuring Systems (AMS) to Control Pollutant Emissions and Greenhouse Gases Produced by the Enterprises of Fuel and Energy Sector" has arisen great interest. Starting from January 1, 2017, such systems will become mandatory for all facilities of the Ist category which includes large-scale power plants. 


The speaker described the features of AMS which are equipped with automatic measuring instruments and metering devices to determine either the mass or the volume of emissions, namely: gas analysers, dust analysers, measuring transducers to determine physical parameters of emissions, software and hardware to record and transfer information to the State Fund of Environmental Monitoring Data. The presentation made a special focus on the auxiliary AMS systems which ensure representativity and security of a gas sample on its way from the stack to an automatic analyser, as well as operation reliability and fail-safety for 10 years. 

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