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COTES at the Russia-Mongolia Forum


COTES experts took part in the Forum "Russia-Mongolia. Cooperation-2016" held in Novosibirsk on 27-28 October. Development and strengthening of trade and economic relations and cultural contacts were the main purposes of the event. The Forum was attended by Mongolian government officials, Great Khural members, Mayor of Ulan Bator and business representatives. The host party was represented by the officials from the Novosibirsk region government, Novosibirsk City Mayor's Office, as well as businessmen from all over the Siberian District.    


Dmitry Serant, Director for Strategic Development, COTES, made a presentation on "Refurbishment of Boilers BKZ-220-100 at the Ulan Bator CHP-3 Plant". He told the audience about COTES’ experience and capabilities and pointed out that the company engineers had earlier been involved in the project for refurbishment of boilers at the Ulan Bator CHP-3 plant and were well aware of the main challenges of the power plant. Current upgrading of CHP plants will make it possible not only to increase their performance, but also to considerably improve environmental situation in the region. 


Despite the fact that the Energy Committee representatives could not attend the Forum in Novosibirsk, the issue of the energy sector construction, retrofit and upgrading is highly topical for the Mongolian market. Dmitry Serant had to deliver his presentation twice: at the В2В meeting space during the presentation session and at the round table "Development of Bilateral Cooperation in Building and Industrial Sectors".

Following the results of the Forum, several Mongolian companies displayed a keen interest in COTES activities. A number of meetings and negotiations with our south-eastern neighbours are expected to be held before the end of the year.

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