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Sports Saturday in COTES


Saturday, September 10, 2016 was a remarkably sunny sports day. This day the city saw several sporting events at once. COTES employees took part in the competitions. For the eleventh time in a row our close-knit team joined the mass starts within the Rayevich semi-marathon, which was traditionally held in the Lenin square. At the same time, the sporting arena Sever witnessed the earnest competition between semi-pro volleyball teams of the energy companies, including our employees. 

Rayevich Semi-Marathon
Traditionally, the mass starts opened the 19-th Siberian Running Festival. In 11:45, Dmitry Serant, Maksim Serant and Evgeny Ryzhov covered the distance of 3,600 m for roller sportsmen. After a while, in 12:40, other members of COTES team in brand-name T-shirts and with the company flags easily accomplished a 3,600 m distance. This was not for the first time that our company members and their children ran together. For the second year in a row little Eva Fedchuk and Stepan Nemykin participated in the race and ran a part of the distance. This year Timur Minibaev ran the entire distance together with his father. "Sure enough, we did have a good workout" - says Airat Minibaev. – We ran together every evening, all summer through, as soon as I was back from my recurrent business trips. Mind you, Timur also had his regular physical training. He does karate. That is probably why he managed to cover such a long distance of 3,600 meters". We would like to congratulate all the participants of the race and we hope to see even more sports fans and healthy lifestyle followers among us.

Volley TEK
Another COTES team defended sports honour of our company at the volleyball court. Our sportsmen represented one of the 12 teams participating in the Second National Volleyball Competition among energy companies "Volley TEK-2016". Despite the paucity of the team members and the "newcomer" status in the volleyball league, our guys entered the competitions quite well, taking the 9th place, given that they had to compete with the old-timers from RES, Novosibirsk Hydropower Plant, GazpromNeft, Siberian Generating Company, Zapadno-Sibisrskaya CHP plant, Tomsk Distribution Company and Sibteсhenergo teams. The competition turned out to be a spectacular and memorable event not only because of the exciting game, but also owing to the efforts of its masters. During the competition they presented a special guest — Sergey Baranov, one of the most talented volleyball players of the 21-st century, who won the bronze medal at the Athens Olympics. The captain of the COTES team, Aleksandr Kazakov, rated highly the competition results: "The game has shown that we gained the victory primarily over ourselves — neither the level, nor a strong background of other teams discouraged us. We can think and play. We play much more confidently compared to the previous year. While playing against our strong contestants we managed to see our drawbacks and weaknesses. Nevertheless, we tried hard and won one of the three games by a considerable margin. Unfortunately, this time our girls were not with us, so our team had to do without their well-rehearsed patterns and passes, and our attacks were not so efficient. Next time we will try to bring them to the game. In general, the results reached will keep us striving for victory".

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