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Power unit of the Verkhnetagilskaya plant put into operation


 A 447 MW power unit No.12 was successfully launched at the Verkhnetagilskaya power plant on June, 21. 


COTES was involved in set-up of gas supply and fuel oil storage equipment on site. It is worth mentioning that the power unit comprehensive test (for 72 hours at maximum load ) was conducted using gas as the main fuel. The power unit has been qualified and now it operates in the standard mode. 


The project of the construction of power unit No.12 at the Verkhnetagilskaya plant was managed by Inter RAO-Engineering. The Customer is Inter RAO–Management of Electric Power Plants.


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Upon putting into operation, the new power unit replaced the Verkhnetagilskaya plant coal equipment which had been decommissioned before and allowed for the main cycle efficiency increase of the Verkhnetagilskaya power plant from 35% to 45.4%, improved reliability of the plant and its environmental performance. The installed capacity of the new power unit amounts to 447 MW, natural gas is its main fuel and diesel oil is the backup one. Specific reference fuel consumption is 218 g/kWh.

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