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The project of ash-dump recultivation in Verkhny Tagil undergone public hearings


The project developed by the specialists from COTES was "considered feasible" during the public hearings held in Verkhny Tagil and attended by the city managers, employees of the Verkhnetagilskaya power plant, social activists, and environmental experts. Since last year, the station that used to be coal-fired has gone all-natural gas-fired and stopped using the ash dump.


COTES specialists have proposed a technical and biological ash-dump recultivation which will take about 7 years. At the technical stage of recultivation, which is going to last four years, the ash-dump surface will be covered with a layer of soil 0.5m high, and water-diversion ditches will be dug. Besides, at this stage the surface will be treated with "EcoBarrier" solution that binds fine ash particles and prevents dusting. The biological stage of recultivation, which is expected to take 3 years, will include planting of permanent grasses, protective trees and bushes along the perimeter as well as handling of the plants.


All measures for the ash-dump recultivation in the Verkhnetagilskaya power plant stipulated by the design documentation will contribute to the improvement of the environment in the region and job creation within the period of project implementation.

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